Tree of life

Kabbalah tree of life

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Tree of life

Tree of Life

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Tree of Life has been called many different names: the treasure of the
ancient world; the God's gift to humanity; and the path to the eternal
life. The reason is: it carries a better understanding of life than
any book, religion or teaching known to or created by mankind.
Many people have problems with understanding most common concepts and
ideas of their life. The Tree of Life is the ultimate, absolute system
that explains the deeper meaning of things and shows a proper way to a
divine life void of earthly temptations and vice.
The Tree of Life provides us with a spiritual direction and guidance.
It shows the truth hidden behind our own lack of knowledge and social
restraints. It allows us move away from dogmas and beliefs imposed by
those who want to control us, and choose our own path of
self-development and enlightenment. Both Kabbalah and the Tree are not
purely religious concepts, as many of their concept were proven with
the help of scientific research. That is why we find so many adherents
of Kabbalah and believers in the system of the Tree of Life among
people that are well-educated in such areas as Science and Philosophy.
Tree of Life also represents the image of God's perfect love for us,
people - the love that can be both merciful and cruel. It shows how to
reach God through our prayers and everyday actions, which is not
nearly as clearly described in other religions.
In general, God's nature is fully revealed in the Tree of Life. The 10
Sephirot of the Tree disclose his divine truths to us in every detail.
That is why studying the Tree helps us comprehend God better. Kabbalah
teaches that we need to grow closer to God on a daily basis, give
ourselves completely and dedicate ourselves to our relationship with
God. The Tree makes our enlightenment and communication with God
possible. It gives us a gift of achieving the kind of spiritual state,
where the humanity can stop its constant seeking and engage in a
conversion with God which will bring us closer to him. By doing this,
we finally acquire a feeling that God is taking care of us in every
area of life.

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Tree of life

The Tree of Life is a common

token used on Kabbalah talismans.

Evil eye protection by Talisman/Amulet

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The Tree draws good and favorable thoughts, wishes,
attitudes and actions from people who surround the wearer of the
talisman. This creates a positive aura of prosperity and well-being
around the person. The aura in its turn works as a shield against
negativeness, evil eye and evil forces. Most authentic talismans that
you can find on the market nowadays do not have any useless symbols
used only for decoration on them. Every symbol must serve a certain

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